After two years, missing cat reunites with family in Kerala


A pet cat named Ratheesh, who went missing a couple of years ago, was recently reunited with his family in Kerala’s Kottayam. The cat returned to his master’s house in Puthuppally, a town in the Kottayam district, after almost two years.
Ushamma adopted the pet in 2016 and named him after a famous dialogue from the Malayalam film ‘Kattappanaile Hrithik Roshan’.
“Four years ago, the cat had an accident and his leg was broken. Following this, the cat underwent surgery,” Ushamma said.
Unfortunately, Ratheesh disappeared after a few years post-surgery. The family was upset and did not know what would happen to their pet. However, they believed Ratheesh would survive. Following his disappearance, Ushamma and her family searched for him around the neighbourhood by calling out his name.
“Four years back, the cat had an accident and we spent Rs 6000 for surgery. Now he is back, we are happy, “Ushamma added.
Apart from Ushamma, her neighbours are also extremely happy to have Ratheesh back. Annamma, Ushamma’s neighbour, said, “ Cat Ratheesh went missing two years back and we missed him. We loved the cat and used to feed him. Now the cat has returned, and we are very happy.
Another neighbour, Monu, said they are happy as the cat has returned safe and sound. Neighbours said that children from the neighbourhood are very fond of Rathesh and have been coming to Ushamma’s house to play with him. All the children have been enjoying playing with the cat.
After getting to know that Ratheesh is back, people from other districts are also visiting Ushamma’s house to meet the cat every day.
“The cat himself returned to the village and directly went to his owner’s house, and when he saw Ushamma, he ran to her and started smelling her hand so that he could recognise her. His master Ushamma also offered prayer to God,” said another neighbour.