After cities, now villages too at the mercy of God: Rahul on Covid surge


Taking a blistering attack at the BJP-led Central government as the second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic is now spreading fast in rural areas, Senior Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday said that not only cities, villages too are also left at the mercy of God.

Taking to Twitter, the Congress leader also cited a media report about the rapid surge in Covid-19 cases in Indian villages. “After cities, villages are also dependent on God (Parmatma Nirbhar) now,” tweeted Gandhi.

Rahul Gandhi had repeatedly criticised the Central government and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for the inept handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.

On 7 May, the Senior Congress leader wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi over the ongoing Covid-19 situation in the country, saying the government should implement several measures including assessment of the efficacy of all vaccines against all new mutations and rapidly vaccinate the entire population to curb the virus. In the latter, he suggested four points to the union government to control the spread of the virus. These points included: “Scientifically track the virus and its mutations across the country using genome sequencing as well as its disease patterns. Dynamically assess the efficacy of all vaccines against all new mutations as they are identified. Rapidly vaccinate our entire population. Be transparent and keep the rest of the world informed about our findings.”

On the same day, Gandhi also criticised the central government for going ahead with the central vista project on Twitter, saying the government should put people’s lives at the centre amid the ongoing Covid-19 crisis.

In his other previous tweets, the former Congress president had hinted that the Government of India is hiding data regarding foreign aid received during the unprecedented surge in Covid-19 cases and asked why there is no transparency regarding the medical supplies sent from across the world.