Actors reveal the first thing they would do post lockdown

Salon, spa, gym, shopping, eating out, meeting friends… Here are some of the stars with their ‘to-do list’ soon after the lockdown is over.

Aalisha Panwar

I would rush to the salon and after the beauty session, would love to meet my family as I was stuck in Mumbai alone. If I am not shooting immediately post lockdown, then I would want to visit my hometown to meet them. Also, I can’t wait to get back on the set.

Vishal Aditya Singh

I would head back to my village and like to start the work to build my house there as fast as possible

Jyothi Tommaar

Well those who are fortunate and still have work in hand will rush to shoot. Rest will try and meet relevant people who will/can get them work. I will resume shooting and start looking for more work.

 Aasiya Kazi

Post lockdown, I would catch up with my friends at their place or my home. I would still avoid outside food and getting out unnecessarily for a while. I will take all precautions while stepping out because even post lockdown the safety scenario cannot be assured.

 Kushagre Dua

It is not recommended to visit various places as soon as the lockdown is over. Maybe I will continue the same lifestyle for a few weeks after the lockdown is lifted. I will go to the salon and gym for a workout but after a few weeks of relaxation.