AAP faces internal discord ahead of Assembly polls


The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has been claiming to contest the upcoming assembly elections with strength. However, it is facing a significant internal discord just before the elections. The situation has come to a point that while on the one side, the party is distributing Arvind Kejriwal’s guarantee cards, on the other hand, members have started resigning from their positions.
It has come to light that Meenakshi Sethi Zaidi, who voluntarily retired from the position of Joint Commissioner in the Commercial Tax Department with much fanfare a few months ago to join the party, has now resigned from the party. Zaidi has also sent her resignation to the state in-charge Vinay Mishra, and state president Naveen Paliwal. In addition to resigning, she has raised questions about the party’s internal democracy.
It should be noted that Zaidi had taken voluntary retirement almost 13 years ago. After that, she joined the Aam Aadmi Party and was appointed as the state secretary. She was interested in contesting elections from the Adarsh Nagar constituency. However, even before that, she has surprised everyone by resigning. In her resignation, she mentioned the party’s current situation.
After the resignation, questions were also raised about the functioning of the state convenor Vinay Mishra. The reason for this is that Zaidi’s voluntary retirement and joining the party were facilitated by Mishra himself. According to credible sources within the party, Vinay Mishra has not been able to organize party workers and officials in Rajasthan.
It is being said that decisions from Delhi leadership of Arvind Kejriwal are being enforced in Rajasthan. The state executive committee is unable to make any decisions on its own. Jaidevi also indicated that she was not involved in any decisions despite holding the position of secretary, and hence is not willing to join the party again.
Meenakshi Sethi Zaidi, Former Joint Commissioner of, the Commercial Tax Department said, “Seeing the internal democracy of the party, I have decided to resign. I had started the work of strengthening the organization with much enthusiasm after leaving nearly 13 years of service.