As the war between Russia and Ukraine intensifies, the troubles of other countries are also snowballing. Around 18000 Indians are stranded in Ukraine which gave a spurt to the tensions of their family members. Among these, nearly 2000 students were stuck in Ukraine and out of these, 700 students have been brought back by the state. Divulging the information about aforesaid, Manohar Lal, the Chief Minister of Haryana said that the state government is putting its best to bring our citizens in continuous touch with the government of India. Further, he said that he is personally taking every update to ensure the timely arrival of our citizens along with students. It is pertinent to mention that Indian citizens are coming back via Romania, Poland and Hungry.

What came to surface is that the students who have been stranded in Ukraine, hail from different districts namely Jind, Rewari, Kaithal, Kurukshetra and many more. These students are trying to contact for assistance and the videos regarding the same have gone viral in which they continue to inform about the ongoing scenario in Ukraine. In wake of the worsen situation so far, the parents as well as the other family members are agitating across the state with banners ‘Say No To War’ . It is worth stating that demanding to stop the war between Russia and Ukraine, the parents of stranded students said that their children should be brought back safely. Ongoing war is most likely to lead to destruction and damage at large scale. Citizens including the students doing MBBS in Ukraine are in trouble requiring the state as well as the union government to come up to ensure their safety.

Government of India has set up a special control room under the supervision of Foreign ministry. To keep an eye on the ongoing scenario, senior officials of the ministry have been deployed there under the guidance of Joint Secretary. Needy persons have been asked to contact the concerned officials.

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