7 Examples Of Beautifully Created SaaS Website Design


It is rare to find a SaaS product website where the creator has taken special care to convert visitors into buyers, not just a pretty page design.

We’ve compiled a list of the best SaaS websites we’ve seen over the years (and thousands of sites at that). These are the sites that will guide you in creating your landing page.

What is SaaS?

SaaS platforms provide access to software functionality on a subscription basis for a fee via the Internet. The software itself is usually located on the developer’s servers, guaranteeing software functionality and regular updates and improvements.

A typical example of this model in the B2C sector is the Google Docs service. Through a browser, users can access the functionality of a text editor. In particular, there is no need to install software on a desktop computer.

Examples in the B2B field include hosting services, task planners, and CRM. Various software whose functions are used by companies without owning the software.


While Ghost was once just a blog post replacement for the WordPress CMS, it has grown into a full-fledged media communication platform. Along with these efforts, a new SaaS site has emerged.


Here’s a project management tool called ClickUp. It has more features than a typical SaaS product, and of course, it gives you a lot of options for creating different types of landing pages for your marketing site.

If you’re into SEO, ClickUp is a great example. There are tons of landing pages designed specifically for top placement on Google.


Spline is a design tool that facilitates the creation of 3D animations and graphics. It has a clean, technologically advanced design, perfect for its ideal target audience.

The homepage is fun, interactive and perfectly showcases the tool’s features. After all, it is used to create 3D projects, so showing it on the homepage is a great way to generate interest in signing up.

The navigation bar is well organized, with no drop-down elements. There are only a features page, a community link that redirects to Discord, a Twitter page, and a documentation page.


Butter is a tool that makes it easy for teams to organize fun meetings. It is a great SaaS product, but there are better SaaS sites.

In fact, Butter is one of the best SaaS sites on this list because it is so simple and effective. In addition, the home page features many client logos, which provide solid social proof to site visitors.

Perspective funnels

Every detail has a role. The name and the video make it clear at a glance what you can do with this service. The essence of the service is reflected in the title.

We also like the offer to join a webinar course to learn how to use the product. It’s a great way to promote features and convert users into customers (unfortunately, it’s in German, so I can’t rate it).

Embed Social

This is the way to present a case. You need to clearly demonstrate what results you can offer potential buyers, because no one is willing to risk everything to get nothing.

Potential buyers need to believe that they can get the same results, otherwise there is no reason to sign up.