5-tonne Nepalese tomato shipment arrives, UP sale today at subsidised rate


Cooperative NCCF on Wednesday said about 5 tonne tomatoes imported from neighbouring country Nepal are in transit and will be retailed at a subsidised rate of Rs 50/kilogram in Uttar Pradesh today.
The National Cooperative Consumers’ Federation of India Ltd (NCCF) has contracted for import of 10 tonne of tomatoes from Nepal.
NCCF is undertaking imports as well as domestic procurement of tomatoes on behalf of the central government and retailing them at a subsidised rate to give relief to consumers from high prices of the kitchen staple.
The retail intervention is being undertaken on direction from the Union consumer affairs ministry.
NCCF Managing Director Anice Joseph Chandra said, “We have contracted 10 tonne of tomato imports from Nepal. Out of this, 3-4 tonne was distributed yesterday in Uttar Pradesh. About 5 tonnes…is in transit and will be retailed today in UP at subsidised rates.”
The imported tomatoes cannot be sold in other parts of India because of the short shelf life, she said.
In Uttar Pradesh, both imported and locally-procured tomatoes are being sold through static outlets as well as mobile vans at select locations.
In Delhi-NCR and Rajasthan, tomatoes procured from key producing states in the country are being sold at a subsidised rate of Rs 50 per kg, she added.