5-Star hotel waitress faces legal action after spilling hot tea on 7-year-old


In a distressing incident, a case has been filed against a waitress employed at a renowned five-star hotel in Mumbai for allegedly spilling scalding tea on the hands of a seven-year-old girl, resulting in severe burns to her left forearm.
According to the police report, the young victim was residing at the hotel with her family and had joined her parents for breakfast at the hotel’s buffet.
On the morning of September 27, Monalisa B, an employee working as a waitress at the hotel, was carrying a tray with a kettle of hot tea when an inadvertent collision occurred between her and the child. This unfortunate encounter led to the tea spilling onto the left hand of the seven-year-old, causing a significant burn injury. The parents of the girl asserted that the waitress had requested her not to cry out when the incident unfolded. However, upon learning of the incident, the parents promptly rushed their child to LH Hiranandani Hospital.