4 die, 30 injured after speeding truck rams into a tractor in UP


A speeding truck rammed into a tractor-trolley carrying over 35 people on Thursday on the Lucknow-Delhi highway in the Siddhauli area of Sitapur district, killing four people and critically injuring 30 others.

Around 1:30 a.m. on Thursday, people were travelling by tractor-trolley from Shahjahanpur’s Rauja area to Dewa Sharif shrine in Barabanki district for a mundan ceremony of a child.

According to police, the tractor-trolley was parked by the roadside because visibility was poor due to heavy rain.

According to police, the truck rammed into the trolley from behind, resulting in the tragedy.

Four people died on the spot, while the injured were taken to King George Medical University’s (KGMU) trauma centre in Lucknow for treatment.

Some of the injured people were in critical condition, according to KGMU doctors.

After the accident, traffic on the highway was disrupted, but it was restored after a crane removed the damaged truck and tractor-trolley from the scene.