29 projects worth 500 crore for ‘Holistic Development’ in J&K


Aiming to modernise the agriculture sector, the Jammu & Kashmir administration has planned to implement 29 projects costing more than Rs 500 crore from this year to increase agricultural production. Named ‘Holistic Development’, these projects aim at holistic development and promotion of agriculture and allied sectors so that the farmers of Jammu and Kashmir can get maximum profit and create employment opportunities from the agriculture sector.
According to them, the implementation of these schemes will give them profitable benefits. They said that modernisation in the agriculture sector is very important because most of the people in the Kashmir valley belong to agriculture. The Director of the Agriculture Department, Iqbal Chaudhry, while providing information about these holistic projects, said that the agriculture sector and other related sectors contribute more than 18 per cent to the GDP of Jammu and Kashmir and support more than 1.3 lakh families by providing employment.
Chaudhry further said that the projects will be implemented through a plan of action to increase the crops produced in the Kashmir valley and the youth will become entrepreneurs from the production that will earn them employment.