16 Corps Signal regiment reaches Bodhkharbu on a cycling expedition


Embarking on a remarkable journey of physical endurance and camaraderie, the 6 Corps Signal Regiment Cycling Expedition, commemorating the Platinum Jubilee of the 16 Corps Signal Regiment, has reached Bodhkharbu. The expedition, covering approximately 800 kilometres over 23 days, aims to pay tribute to the valiant soldiers who sacrificed their lives for the nation, felicitate Veer Naris, and inspire the youth.
The cycling team, comprising dedicated members from the 16 Corps Signal Regiment, started their expedition from 31 Punjab (Kargil) at 0820 hrs and successfully reached Bodhkharbu at 1620 hrs after covering an approximate distance of 68 km. Along the challenging route, the team made a significant stop at 55 Road Construction Company (Mulbek), where they were warmly received by AE(C) Ram Kumar.
During their journey, the team traversed Namika La, standing at an elevation of 12,198 feet, making a poignant pause to pay respects. The expedition team, driven by a spirit of adventure and patriotism, is set to spend the night at 260 Transit Camp (Bodhkharbu) before continuing their expedition to Khaltse tomorrow morning.
The cycling expedition not only showcases the physical and mental resilience of the participants but also serves as a platform to foster camaraderie and esprit-de-corps amongst serving soldiers and veterans. The journey, symbolizing the enduring spirit of the armed forces, will culminate with a grand flagging-in ceremony at Leh on November 16, 2023. The expedition stands as a testament to the commitment and valour of the 16 Corps Signal Regiment in celebrating their Platinum Jubilee in a unique and adventurous manner.