14-year-old gave birth to a child, raped by plumber


In yet another terrible incident, a 14-year-old girl in Kolkata’s Ballygunge neighbourhood reportedly gave birth to a child after allegedly being raped by a 36-year-old plumber. The unfortunate event happened while the young child was staying at the home of her maternal uncle.

But soon after birth, the infant passed away, and the victim’s family lodged a complaint. After being detained by police, the suspect was charged with several counts of rape under Section 6 of the POCSO Act.

According to the reports, the mother of the survivor claimed in the FIR that the plumber routinely visited their home and had formed a bond with the child.

Soumya Roy, DC (Behala) said, “As per the mother’s accusations, around nine months ago, the plumber took advantage of the girl being alone and sexually assaulted her. The girl became pregnant as a result, and a baby boy was born, who died soon after.”

The minor will appear before the Child Welfare Committee on Tuesday, and an officer will record her statement.