103-year-old Hyderabad man beats Covid-19 successfully


A 103-year-old Hyderabad resident, Paruchuri Ramaswamy, has entered the ranks of the oldest survivors of Covid-19 in the country. Ramaswamy had been admitted to the Telangana institute of Medical Sciences (TIMS) after contracting the infection on 27 August.

The centenarian, who has a history of anaemia, was admitted to TiMS in Gachibowli, after which he was transferred to gandhi hospital when his condition deteriorated. However, following treatment, he recovered fully and has now returned in a healthy state. Doctors at the government hospital say that they are extremely pleased with the development.

Ramaswamy was one among the 27 people at C R Foundation’s home for the aged who tested positive for the virus. 17 residents, six staff members and four helpers from the institution had been infected with Covid-19. Ramaswamy’s daughter, Jamuna, who had been staying with her father, had also tested positive for the virus. all the infected individuals showed successful recoveries except for two residents who succumbed to the disease.

Ramaswamy had not been sure if he would recover and had reportedly told his daughter, “I might not come back. Take care of yourself.” Given the high risks associated with Covid-19 for the elderly, Ramaswamy’s recovery is being compared to a miracle and has put him in the category of old people in india who have beaten the infection. With this, he has also overtaken the 94-year-old who had been the oldest Covid survivor in Telangana so far after being treated successfully at Gandhi hospital in July.